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Sunday, 31 August 2008


Rimba means forest in the Malay language and I named this piece of necklace Rimba due to the colour I had chosen for this necklace. Inspired by the lusciousness of the forest,I used Czech fire-polished glass beads in differing shades of green, just like the forest trees, coupled with hues of dark gold and bronze of faux pearls, just like the shades of tree barks and the fruits growing in the wild. With more than 60 beads used in the size of 4mm and 6mm, this is one for the nature lover!
Measures: 17 ½” + 2” extension = 19 ½ “

Now: RM28.50
Code: 08SN02
(Only 1 set available for this design)
Now: USD10.00
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