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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Gwendolyn's Secret Garden

The colour palette for this set gave me a feel of enchantment, a secret garden when pixies and tooth fairy alike held their afternoon tea party. I used freshwater pearls with Swarovski crystals in Rosaline, Chrysolite, Silk, Lt. Peach and White Opal with silver plated wires and chain. The necklace is a simple chain necklace with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals fringes as its centrepiece. Earrings on the other hand is a simple linear drop earrings and bracelet is a silver plated hand woven cuff bracelet using 101 pieces of beads.


Measures: 16”

Code: 08S3N36
(Only 1 set available for this design)


Measures: 2”

20% off : RM9.60
Code: 08S3E36
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD4.00


Measures:6 ½ “ + 2 ½ “ extension = 9”

20% off : RM63.20
Code: 08S3B36
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD20.80
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yatisalem said...

hi was so great..i really like this look very femanine..

Wendy Sue said...

Thank you! :)

It's one for the girls.... ;)