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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Under Construction

Wendy is now in the UK and all sales from Atelier Wendy Sue is temporarily halted until further notice. Meanwhile Atelier Wendy Sue is under restructuring exercise in line with our move to our own domain name. The website will be given a new facelift and we hope to bring you a better shopping experience and designs in future. You can keep tab with what's going on with Atelier Wendy Sue in the UK through The Work Room. Learn what we are up to and a glimpse of what you can anticipate from us in the future! ;)
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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Final Call......

A friendly reminder to visitors of Atelier Wendy Sue that the sale will end tomorrow (26.03.2009) midnight. Would like to invite those who are interested in any of the pieces to place your order now. The last day of delivery is on Friday (27.03.2009). Therefore, kindly clear payment by Friday noon. After this all pieces ceases to be available in Malaysia as they would also be brought over to the UK.
Thank you.
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Friday, 20 March 2009


Dear Atelier Wendy Sue visitors, My apology for not updating with new pieces for a while now but I have an announcement to make. Atelier Wendy Sue is temporarily moving base to the UK for the next 6 months. This move is made to bring you better things to come from Atelier Wendy Sue. We hope to learn more of the different jewellery making skills and techniques to bring you a truly one-of-a-kind Wendy Sue jewelleries. Following this move, we are having a storewide 20% off and further reduction of up to 50% on clearance item. SALES period: Only from today onwards; 20.03.2009 to 26.03.2009. 7 days only!! Local orders of RM75 and above during this sales period is entitled to FREE SHIPPING by Pos Laju.
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Silver polishing cloth

Silver polishing cloth is a piece of cotton cloth impregnated with silver polish and anti-tarnish agent to clean tarnish off silver and protect against tarnishing. To me, it’s good enough to clean off tarnish. The cloth remains effective as long as they are not washed. If you wash them, you wash away the chemicals impregnated into the cloth to clean the tarnish as well. All you need to do is to use the cloth to rub on your jewellery to clean them and you will see the tarnish coming off onto the piece of cloth.
I'm not sure if I managed to capture them sucessfully in pictures but the left one is after cleaning with the cloth and the one on the right was how it was when covered in tarnish.
These are silver polishing cloth made in the UK from 100% cotton. The cotton cloth is much thicker than the ones made in China. Each piece measures 12cm X 9cm for RM5.00. However, I’m offering them at RM4 with any purchase of Wendy Sue jewelleries.
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Thursday, 22 January 2009


Let's start the new year with some luck, shall we? ;) This set consists of double strand charm necklace and charm bracelets made from the lucky feather charm. Other beads used are 8mm Pink cloissone beads, larger Peach glass beads, 6mm gold plated metal bead, 7mm oval White freshwater pearls and 5mm peach Lavender freshwater pearls, finished off with chunky antique finishing gold toggle clasps. All made from gold plated wires and gold plated chains.


Measures: 18”
20% off : RM 46.40
Code: 09S3N69
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD15.20


Measures: 2”
20% off : RM 12.80
Code: 09S3E69
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD5.60


Measures: 7”
20% off : RM36.00
Code: 09S3B69
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD12.00
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The design for China is kept simple and straightforward with nothing too fussy. Casually simple but elegantly tasteful nonetheless. :) China is made from 8mm Pink cloissone beads, 4mm Swarovski crystal pearls in Bronze, 6mm gold plated metal bead. and hand formed lucky ‘8’ connector. All made from gold plated wires.


Measures: 22”
20% off : RM52.80
Code: 09S2N70
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD16.80


Measures: 1 ½”
20% off : RM12.00
Code: 09S2E70
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD4.80
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Monday, 5 January 2009

I'm back! =D

Hey peeps! I'm back from my week long break, refreshed and recharged! A very Happy New Year to everyone! Yaay! Updates and processing of orders will resume as usual.
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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Blogger on leave.....

Blogshop is closed from 25th Dec 2008 to 4th Jan 2009. You may still make your order but they will only be processed after the 4th. Meanwhile, need to work on a 'lil something here. More on that when I get back! ;) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, folks! :)
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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Cross Eight

A very labour intensive wire wrapped piece from gold plated wires. Cross pendant is wire wrapped with 4mm Swarovski crystal pearl in cream. Necklace is a made from a hand formed figure 8 connector with 4mm Swarovski crystal pearl in cream and 4mm Swarovski crystal in Crystal. Measures: 16” Pendant measures: ¾” X 1 ½”
Now: RM41.00
Code: 08IN66
(Only 1 set available for this design)
Now: USD14.00
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Cross Ten

This I find is the essence of simplicity but with the charm of feminity. Well, if that makes any sense to you at all… ;) Made from very organic shaped fresh water pearls in CafĂ© Latte, a milky brown colour. Noticed how each pearl bead is very organically shaped without any defined structure? Isn’t that how we, women sometimes are too? :) Each pearl bead measures approximately 5 to 6mm. The dainty cross pendant at the centre of the necklace is wire wrapped using gold plated wires with 4mm White Swarovski crystal pearl. Measures: 16” Pendant measures: ½” X ¾”
Now: RM36.00
Code: 08IN68
(Only 1 set available for this design)
Now: USD12.00
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