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Sunday, 23 November 2008


Aquathyst. I love how that word sounds. Sounds like the name of a new found rare gem, does’t it? ;) Aquathyst is made from Aquamarine and Amethyst gemstone chips. Necklace is made in a choker style to show off the centrepiece dangle. The centrepiece dangles of Aquamarine and Amethyst gemstone chips is highlighted by the Crystal AB rhinestone spacer. Earrings are made with clusters of the chips at the top with two strands of drop dangles. Bracelet is made edgier with sections of the gemstone chips fragmented by coils of silver plated jump rings. Very edgy indeed.


Measures: 16” Pendant drop: 2 ½”
20% off : RM41.60
Code: 08SG3N54
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD14.40


Measures: 2 ½”
20% off : RM18.40
Code: 08SG3E54
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD4.80


Measures: 7"
20% off : RM29.60
Code: 08SG3B54
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD10.40
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