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Friday, 20 March 2009

Silver polishing cloth

Silver polishing cloth is a piece of cotton cloth impregnated with silver polish and anti-tarnish agent to clean tarnish off silver and protect against tarnishing. To me, it’s good enough to clean off tarnish. The cloth remains effective as long as they are not washed. If you wash them, you wash away the chemicals impregnated into the cloth to clean the tarnish as well. All you need to do is to use the cloth to rub on your jewellery to clean them and you will see the tarnish coming off onto the piece of cloth.
I'm not sure if I managed to capture them sucessfully in pictures but the left one is after cleaning with the cloth and the one on the right was how it was when covered in tarnish.
These are silver polishing cloth made in the UK from 100% cotton. The cotton cloth is much thicker than the ones made in China. Each piece measures 12cm X 9cm for RM5.00. However, I’m offering them at RM4 with any purchase of Wendy Sue jewelleries.
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