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Friday, 17 October 2008

Rimba II

This is another version of the Rimba necklace which I did earlier on. Rimba means forest in the Malay language and in the true spirit of Rimba, the central theme is still one on nature, represented by the antique brass flower and leaf charm. Clusters of 4mm and 6mm faux pearls in Bronze and Dark Gold hanging from the antique brass chain at one side of the necklace just like how wild fruits hanging from the branches of trees in the forest. The bracelet is also created based on the same principle and finally, the earrings are in cluster style of faux beads, Swarovski crystals and antique brass flower chatm. If you love nature, you’ll love Rimba II. :)


Measures: 17 ½”
Code: 08S3N43
(Only 1 set available for this design)


Measures: 2”
Code: 08S3E43
(Only 1 set available for this design)


Measures: 7”
20% off : RM28.80
Code: 08S3E43
(Only 1 set available for this design)
20% off: USD10.40
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